By once accepting an order from Kommunicera, you are sensed to have agreed to these conditions and general instructions henceforth.

Read the purchase order carefully. Notify us immediately if you cannot meet the order specifications or if there is anything wrong with the source or reference material.


We demand that all our suppliers sign a statement of confidentiality. This requirement forms an integral part of our relationship with our clients. You are responsible to Kommunicera for the contents and implications of the above mentioned obligation being communicated to and respected by any other party who comes into possession of material provided by you for assignments from Kommunicera.

Responsibility and quality assurance

If the client or our quality control department considers the delivered translation to be substandard with respect to execution or in the case of late delivery, we will contact you immediately. In cases where we are obliged to credit the client and/or are forced to pay for additional costs due to a substandard delivery or where the delivery date/time has not been met, corresponding economic compensation will be demanded from you. For late deliveries and where the delay has not been approved by Kommunicera in advance, we reserve the right to impose a 10% deduction from the agreed fee for each period of three days of the late delivery. Damaged formatting/layout tags may also lead to deductions from the agreed fee. Translators must always make a backup copy on a daily basis of ongoing translation assignments supplied to Kommunicera.

Remuneration and payment

The prices which we apply vis-à-vis our suppliers are agreed upon prior to the assignment. We do not charge or pay any kind of administrative fees, including bank fees. Consequently, the agreed fee represents the total amount unless otherwise agreed or if conditions change in respect of the original order. For suppliers who are private individuals without their own company, holiday compensation is as a matter of course included in the remuneration. Only satisfactory deliveries warrant full payment. We expect invoices to arrive no more than one month after the final delivery of a job.

General invoicing information and conditions of payment

Always specify assignment details such as job number, the name (initals) of the Project Manager who handled the order, volume and agreed price. Every invoice must have a separate number. If an invoice needs to be corrected this must be done by way of an additional invoice or a credit note, never by changing an existing invoice and resending it with the same number. In order to minimize handling costs, we expect all suppliers to issue monthly invoices.

All questions concerning invoices should be addressed to

Companies: 30 days net.

Invoices to Kommunicera Communications AB (Gothenburg)

Invoices shall be e-mailed to This is a scanning service for automatic interaction with our administrative software. Paper invoices should be sent to Kommunicera AB, Fack 69, Box 226, 751 04 Uppsala.

Private individuals without a company who are tax residents in Sweden: Submit your accumulated invoice so it reaches us no later than the 18th of any month. You will then be paid in the same month as part of our salary payments. Tax is withheld at the standard rate for private individuals operating in Sweden. We pay all social costs associated with the salary.

Invoices to Lingtech/Kommunicera Communications Denmark (Copenhagen)

Invoices shall be e-mailed to

Invoices to Kommunicera Communications Norway (Oslo)

Invoices shall be e-mailed to

Volume/word count

Volume/word count and CAT analysis (if applicable) are always based on the source document. Contact your Project Manager immediately if you disagree with order details.


Always deliver to the person who ordered the job. If nothing is said to the contrary, do not rename the files or file identities. Please note that it is important that both the programming code and the formatting information (tags) are intact. Translations in files which include layout in final format must be carried out in accordance with instructions from Kommunicera.


Quality Control

Any changes after a revision via Kommunicera Quality Control department, which are principally made prior to delivery to the client, are to be input by you at no extra cost. Updated files as per the original order must then be delivered to Kommunicera. Kommunicera quality guidelines and expectations are issued as a separate document to all our vendors.

In-country review/Validation

In certain cases translations are sent to the client's representative in the target language country for a review. Any changes that might arise from this review are to be input by you at no extra charge if we haven’t agreed differently beforehand. Please note that all terminology changes are to be made in the unclean files. In the event of changes that depart from the source text or are of a clearly subjective nature you must notify the Project Manager before implementing said changes.


Rights to translations and translation memories

All rights to a translation carried out on behalf of Kommunicera, regardless of format, and to the original and updated translation memory are owned by Kommunicera.

Applicable laws and resolving disputes (only for Kommunicera Communications AB)

Swedish law shall apply to this agreement. Any disputes must be settled in a Swedish general court of law, in the first instance in Göteborg City Court.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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